Dr Dimity Podger

Dr Dimity Podger is co-founder of Regen Labs, which is on a mission to grow regenerative businesses, economies and finance in Australia. Prior to this, Dimity led her own advisory

Anisa Varasteh

Anisa Varasteh is the Director of the Relate Training Institute. With a background in psychology, Anisa has cultivated a deep understanding of human behaviour and communication dynamics in organizational settings.

Kristina Yegoryan

Rouzanna Petrosyan

Naomi Cao

Tinny Wong

Nicole MAI

Gavin M Faull

Patrick Laybutt

Gus Moors

Amanda Deverich

Fattaneh Naeimi

Fattaneh Naeimi, a Bahai from Iran, immigrated to Australia with her husband, five children, and herself nineteen years ago, driven by the discrimination against Bahais in Iran, which limited higher

Prof. Erfan Ebrahimi Ph.D.

Professor Ebrahimi is an author, consultant, researcher, and Senior-Level executive with various companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Global Management. Dr. Ebrahimi

Russell Garnett

Urban Revolutions, founded in 2004, is a private business incubator with a diverse portfolio of affiliated entities. Each of these businesses are being developed to culminate in a new form

Immanuel Selvaraj

Immanuel is a long term resident of the Hills District in Sydney where he lives with his wife and Daughter in Baulkham Hills. Immanuel has completed an MBA and a Master of Information Systems from the Central

Faiz Hussain

Nanda Sandilya

Andrew Eggelton 

Andrew Eggelton is an authority on Authentic Presenting with 30 year’s experience in communications, acting and public speaking.  He’s the visionary behind ‘The EggeltonPresenting Method™’, a style of Presenting that re-invents the Speakers Experience, elevating

Dr. Shambhu Pokharel

Dr. Shambhu Pokharel is the GLOBAL CEO of CEO CLUB GLOBAL. He is known as Innovation Activist. Dr. Pokharel Holds Wide range of knowledge on International Relations, Diplomacy, Startup and

Mariya Spartalis

Mariya Spartalis is a partner of Terreus Capital AG Zurich Switzerland and a financial Influencer Award 2022 Winner. Mrs. Spartalis is an expert in finance for over 20 years, a

Shang Ding

Mr. Shang Ding’s illustrious career spans more than three decades in the United States, where he has distinguished himself as an Investment Banker. Throughout this extensive tenure, he achieved the

Dr. Shesh Ghale

Shesh Ghale is Australian Billionaire based in Melborne. He is a prominent figure in the Australian business landscape, known for his significant contributions and success in various ventures. As a

Mr. Holmes H. Stoner Jr

Holmes Stoner occupies prominent positions within several esteemed organizations, showcasing his diverse leadership roles. As the current President of CEO CLUB GLOBAL-AMERICAS, he assumes multifaceted responsibilities across key leadership positions.

Hon. Philip Ruddock

Philip Ruddock is a distinguished Australian politician with a career spanning over four decades. His significant contributions are exemplified by his tenure as Attorney-General, where he played a pivotal role