Mr. Holmes H. Stoner Jr

Holmes Stoner occupies prominent positions within several esteemed organizations, showcasing his diverse leadership roles. As the current President of CEO CLUB GLOBAL-AMERICAS, he assumes multifaceted responsibilities across key leadership positions.

Stoner is notably at the helm of both the American International Chamber of Commerce and the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce. In these roles, his influence likely extends to fostering robust international business relations and promoting economic collaborations between entities spanning the Americas and the Pacific Rim.

In addition to these significant roles, Holmes Stoner holds the distinguished title of Honorary President of Forbes China. This honorary position underscores his substantial influence and recognition within the business community, especially in the realm of Chinese business and economic affairs.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Holmes Stoner serves as an umbrella for more than half a million businesses and enterprises in the USA and rest of the world. This massive scope of influence reflects his pivotal role in connecting and supporting a substantial network of businesses across the Globe.