Fattaneh Naeimi

Fattaneh Naeimi, a Bahai from Iran, immigrated to Australia with her husband, five children, and herself nineteen years ago, driven by the discrimination against Bahais in Iran, which limited higher education opportunities beyond year 12. To circumvent this, she pursued self-study and clandestine educational activities supported by the Bahai community. These efforts, however, were frequently threatened by the Iranian government, putting her and her fellow participants at risk of harassment, arrest, and imprisonment.

Upon moving to Australia, Naeimi completed a counselling course in Iran and resumed her education, eventually earning a Diploma of Counselling. Since 2013, she has been actively involved in the mental health sector, practicing counselling professionally since earning her degree in 2016. Her dedication to lifelong learning is unwavering.

Motivated by her desire to assist individuals in their recovery journey, Naeimi developed an innovative therapeutic approach known as Belief Therapy. This methodology addresses mental health issues while offering transformative potential for society members aiming to enhance their lives and realize their aspirations.

Naeimi is eager to provide additional information about her methodology if requested.