Andrew Eggelton 

Andrew Eggelton is an authority on Authentic Presenting with 30 year’s experience in communications, acting and public speaking.  He’s the visionary behind ‘The EggeltonPresenting Method™’, a style of Presenting that re-invents the Speakers Experience, elevating it beyond copy and paste to a more deeply connected experience with the audience

Whether in the boardroom, pitching your ideas, inspiring your team, or on stage or camera, the ability to connect and shift the hearts and minds of people while remaining authentic is what truly matters. 

We’re moving from the age of information to the age of connection and our audience wants more, deserves more than level 1 presenting which is simply sharing information.  They want something they have not seen before and that thing is something only you can deliver.

His style is what many have called a breath of fresh air.  Andrew likes to think of it as bringing a presenter back to who they really are and giving them tools crafted over 30 years in film, TV presenting and speaking to enhance their experience.